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Clifton Museum

Clifton Park Museum

With fascinating Collections and Exhibitions to explore, the Clifton Park Museum brings history to life for people of all ages.

Clifton Museum

Local history and culture

Some of Clifton Park Museum's most popular permanent collections delve deeply into local history, culture and natural features.

The Early Rotherham exhibit takes you through Rotherham's history from prehistory up to the English Civil War, while Rotherham Rocks shows you the geological wonders right beneath your feet.

The Ceramics Gallery also celebrates the culture and craft of locally made Rockingham pottery, including the astounding Rhino Vase.

Clifton Museum

Nelson the Lion

No trip to the Museum is complete without entering the Lion's Den and visiting Nelson! This exhibit is always a favourite, and is perfect for smaller children.

You can find out more about Nelson, and the other exhibits on the Clifton Park Museum website.

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